SEMINCI | 63rd Edition | About the Festival

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL - Valladolid International Film Festival 

Independent and auteur cinema is becoming increasingly consolidated as the most important showcase and witness to a troubled world: one where strifes over political or economic power become ever more intense while cases of unashamed corruption mount, together with ethnic, religious and social conflicts, and humanitarian and environmental disasters. In the midst of this bleak picture, however, one can always find beautiful stories of anonymous heroes, thrilling endeavours by community groups —often losers by birth; stories of selfishness and dignity that make us still believe in human beings.

The whole of this disquieting scene that has nothing glamorous about it lies at the heart of a class of cinema we cherish and programme here at SEMINCI year after year. Films capable of providing a first-hand, unadorned and honest account of the struggle for sheer survival by the millions of refugees and displaced caused by wars waged in the interest of the arms industry; the advances in the defence of women’s rights; the situation of minorities and marginalised groups; or the attempts to preserve wildlife and halt climate change. Auteur cinema that puts the focus on unstoppable social transformations and the fight for individual liberties in the least developed countries and in societies ruled by dictatorial and religious regimes. A kind of cinema that has never ceased to explore the innumerable facets of love and lovelessness; probes deep into human feelings and conducts, as well as into the changes in family relations and family models; fixes its gaze on the outrageously dire future prospects of young people at a time when the new technologies seem to open countless windows into the world around us…

Nearly all of these issues and many others which surely interest you, provide you with inspiration, cause your puzzlement or move you to laughter and tears are dealt with, each under a different light, by the 70 feature films and 50 shorts (fiction stories and documentaries) that make up our programme for the competitive sections of the 63rd edition of SEMINCI. Additionally, this year’s Festival dedicates two retrospectives respectively to American cinema from the 1990s and films from the present century made in the 2018 edition’s guest country: Portugal. For the first time, on the other hand, we will be granting a new award: the Green Spike for the film that best reflects the struggle to save our threatened environment. And we maintain our strong commitment to young audiences. Kids and teens will one more year be primary target viewers in SEMINCI with daily morning screenings in our local stage and movie theatres of a choice of films specifically put together for them: a selection that is very different from the kind of movies they usually watch. We want to instil in them the appetite for auteur films shown on a big screen, with an impressive sound and in the company of their friends and classmates. Let us all share the complicity of taking part in a social, cultural and entertainment event that is truly priceless.

Welcome to the Valladolid International Film Festival —the great celebration of auteur cinema!

Director of the Valladolid International Film Festival