Barco presents a life rebuilt in postcards

Canaries director Dailo Barco presents Las postales de Roberto (Roberto’s Postcards) in DOC. Spain

Canaries director Dailo Barco

10/24/2017.- This Tuesday, Canary Islands director Dailo Barco, together with producer Jairo Jesús López, presented the documentary Las postales de Roberto (Roberto’s Postcards), in which he presents the life of the amateur filmmaker after his encounter with Jan Blaauboer. This feature film participated in the DOC. Spain section.

Barco used the images filmed by Roberto as a guide through his evolution in the artistic and cinematographic world after the arrival of Blaauboer, a wealthy tourist who arrives in the Canary Islands in the 50s. After their meeting, Rodríguez begins to take an interest in film and thanks to his friendship, he begins filming in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

This film is born out of a love for cinema and memory”, the director repeatedly remarked during the colloquium. The documentary is “halfway between journalism and cinema”, continued Barco, detailing the entire research process for his feature film.

Barco discovered a file about the filmmaker (Rodríguez) in the Canary Islands Film Library when he was doing research for another project, which served as the starting point for the creation of the documentary. Also, the director had the opportunity for Roberto Rodríguez to participate in the process and verify the information, in addition to offering original information and material.

The producer of the film, Jairo Jesus López, pointed out that “Roberto Rodríguez’s tapes were the best preserved out of those by his colleagues of that time”, which allowed the team to achieve a better result.

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