Meeting Point – The Night of the Spanish Short Film

1 65 Seminci LNCE Ascenso-

ASCENSO (Ascent), by Juanjo Giménez Peña (Spain)

Football in two shots…

2 65 Seminc LNCE Estrany

L’ESTRANY (The Strange), by Oriol Guanyabens Pous (Spain)

Nine-year-old Amadeu goes to a summer camp for the first time. The first few days are tough, but Nil, the most experienced camp counsellor, earns his trust and helps him integrate into the group. Just as Amadeu is beginning to feel comfortable, a violent event forces him to rebel against everything he had learned.

3 65 Seminc LNCE Si_amanece_nos_vamos

SI AMANECE, NOS VAMOS (If Dawn), by Álvaro Feldman, Laura Obradors (Spain)

Sindi and Manuel are two young lovers from a Sevillian neighborhood, who after a misunderstanding are forced to separate. Without each other, they will be inevitably drawn by fate to places they had never imagined.

4 65 Seminc LNCE Sintra_III

SINTRA III, by Iván Casajús, Aitor Echeverría (Spain)

Óscar is traumatized by the memory of the fatal accident of his girlfriend Elena. During a business trip, his tire gets at and, when he takes out the spare, he discovers an old box full of cassette tapes. They are compilations that Elena recorded with great enthusiasm for her travels. Óscar decides to keep driving while listening to those songs that transport him to his past.

5 65 Seminc LNCE Stanbrook

STANBROOK, by Óscar Bernàcer (Spain)

Port of Alicante, 28 March 1939. The Captain of the Stanbrook, Archibald Dickson and his crew await the arrival of a shipment. We are nearing the end of the Spanish Civil war and chaos takes over the city. Thousands of people huddle in harbor waiting for the arrival of vessels hired by the Republic to leave the country.