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C&V 65 Seminci Oido_Ellas_la_voz_de_la_gastronomia

OÍDO? ELLAS, LA VOZ DE LA GASTRONOMÍA (Women and their Voice in the Gastronomy), by Sara Cucala (Spain)

A documentary film about the history and role of women in the world narrated from the point of view of the culinary profession. Through the voices of fifteen of the most influential women in sommeliership, cuisine, journalism, bartending, restaurant waiting … we discover the past and the present of women, their success and failure stories, their coping with motherhood, their rebellion against an unequal world…

C&V 65 Seminci Revolucion_liquida-Audrey_Dore-Josep_Roca

REVOLUCIÓN LÍQUIDA (Liquid Revolution), by Clara Isamat (Spain)

‘Revolución líquida’ is a reflection of the current conception of sommeliership as close to the producer and generous with the client. The sommelier is one more actor in the wine waiting revolution that is taking place in gastronomic restaurants. The film follows Audrey Doré, Eduardo Camiña and José Antonio Barragán, three sommeliers who provide the subjective vision of the profession while sharing their motivations, concerns and experiences. Through interviews with Josep Roca, Guillermo Cruz Alcubierre, María José Huertas, Rafa Bellido, Delia García, Nuria Renom, Anna Vicens, Ruth Troyano and Ferràn Centelles, the sommelier profession is defined and so is the meaning of this ‘liquid revolution’. As Josep Roca claims in the film, this is a truly ‘humanist revolution’, one which seeks to turn the experience of those who sit at the table of a restaurant into something unique.

C&V 65 Seminci El vino_el_mundo_y_nosotros-

EL VINO, EL MUNDO Y NOSOTROS (The Wine the World and Us), by Antonio Lobo Daza (Spain)

The 20th century brought about radical changes in the way we produce, trade and consume. These changes affected products, communities and cultures across the planet. Jerez-Sherry wine, one of the Spanish products with the longest-standing international presence, a great source of wealth and one of the most important industries that the country had, also underwent, after a successful boom, a difficult process of adaptation to the century of globalization. This feature-length documentary is an unusual journey through the culture that surrounds this wine type and a first-person chronicle of a period characterized by major transformations.