Cinema & Climate Change – Short Films

4c 65 Seminci CC Abuelo_fuego-

ABUELO FUEGO (Granpa Fire), by Alfonso O’ Donnell (Spain)

A girl born in the West but with Peruvian roots, shows us through the memory and teachings of her Peruvian grandfather the importance of the oral tradition, culture, stories and roots of her people. Through the voice of the girl we enter into the thoughts of the grandfather and his keen defence of their culture and origins.

6 65 Seminci CC Omelia_contadina

OMELIA CONTADINA (Homilía campesina), by JR, Alice Rohrwacher (Italy / France)

A peasant community gathers on the hills bordering three regions to celebrate the funeral of traditional agriculture. A cinematic action to prevent the disappearance of a millenary culture.