Cinema & Climate Change – Feature Films

ÉXODO CLIMÁTICO (Climate Exodus), by David Baute (Spain)

‘Climate Exodus’ narrates the tragedy of three women who have lost everything due to climate change and now emigrate to start a new life. Lobuin struggles every day to find the last water supply so that she can survive in Turkana (Kenya), where it does not rain anymore. Soma lost her crop in Ghoramara (India) due to the sea level change. Soil salinity has made her land barren. Tornadoes and violent hurricanes punish the Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean, where Vanesa has lost her house while her neighbours have lost their lives.

DOC #65Seminci Land_of_Azaba-vultures┬®Jezebel_Productions

THE LAND OF AZABA (La tierra de Azaba), by Greta Schiller (United States / Spain)

‘The Land of Azaba’ is a closely observed film exploring the theme of ecological restoration, a worldwide movement to turn back the tide of mass extinction and restore planet Earth to ecological balance. The film immerses the viewer in a magical world where humans and wildlife work together to restore the largest remaining tract of wild nature in Western Europe. The survival of many rare and endangered species, including ancient oaks, insects, vultures, aurochs and horses, is at stake.

CC 65 Seminci Ultimos_de_la_Mejana_rebeldia_y_esperanza-3

LOS ÚLTIMOS DE LA MEJANA, REBELDÍA Y ESPERANZA (The Home of Snails), by Patxi Uriz (Spain)

Santi Cordón, a chef from Tudela and the son of a gardener, regrets not having shared more time working in the garden with his father, who has now passed away. To make up for it, he contacts the last market gardeners of Tudela, a town whose vegetables bear a quality certification mark. There is no generational renewal to support the continuity of this mode of farming that works in harmony with the environment. In 1980 there were 1,500 gardeners in Tudela, today there are only 25 left. With the intention of recovering the local garden-growing tradition, Santi Cordón has created the Green Pets Foundation, where children learn to cultivate the land and have fun while doing so. The foundation advocates the value of a sustainable diet and of the health of the planet at large. This educational project teaches young people to cook from the land and nurtures the sprouts of hope in the vegetable gardens of La Mejana.