65 Seminci Proyecciones especiales Ano de la furia

EL AÑO DE LA FURIA (The Year of Fury), by Rafa Russo (Spain / Uruguay)

In the troubled Montevideo of 1972, as the country is about to fall helplessly over the precipice of the dictatorial regime, Diego and Leonardo, two scriptwriters of a wellknown television comedy program, struggle to maintain their integrity in the face of pressure from their superiors to play down the tone of their scathing political satires and avoid offending the high ranking military that are taking control of the country. At the same time, on the side of the oppressors, Rojas, an army lieutenant who is also under pressure to torture militants or sympathizers of the Tupamaro guerrilla, exorcises his demons with Susana, a prostitute in whom he finds a kind of emotional shelter from his strong feeling of guilt. Little by little, the lives of the scriptwriters and the serviceman converge. All of them feel deeply affected by the yoke of the dictatorship that that looms over them and both the one and the others struggle to find a way out, a worthy exit that allows them to hold their gaze in the mirror.