Cinema from Castilla y León – Castilla y León in Short


COSPLAY, MÁS QUE DISFRAZARSE (Cosplay, Beyond a Costume), by Estrella Asensio de la Fuente (Spain)

In cosplay you wear costumes and accessories to represent fictional characters from movies, series, anime, manga, videogames and even books. This documentary aims at showing the general public one of the most bizarre sides of the ‘freak culture’ and exploring what lies beneath the apparently simple choice of ‘wearing a costume’.


DE PERFIL (Outline), by Alejandro Renedo (Spain)

An actress’s journey through the industry’s mandatory ‘tolls’ and ‘fees’ of shame in search of a job.


INTERMEDIO (Time-Out), by Bernabé Rico (Spain)

100 yards of no man’s land, 25 bored men, 2 trenches at war, and 1 single soccer ball.


NACIONAL 106, by Juan Carrascal-Ynigo, Arturo Artal Lozano (Spain)

A car drives off a national highway. The Civil Guard is ready to help, but the incident turns out to be more dangerous than a mechanical breakdown.


REFLEJO (Reflection), by Juan Carlos Mostaza (Spain)

Clara is a self-demanding, perfectionist, nine-year-old girl. Despite her efforts and renunciations, especially when resisting the temptations her friend Bea continually offers her, she gets a failing grade in Physical Education. She has embarked along a path of obsessions and self-deception that will lead her to fall into a bottomless pit. A journey through darkness on which she’ll lose everything and where the people close to her, in particular her parents, riddled with doubts and questions, will be the beacon to show her the way out of the tunnel. Will she manage to do it?

6 65 Seminci Un_viaje_inesperado

UN VIAJE INESPERADO (An Unexpected Journey), by María Guerra (Spain)

In our world, in the West, the arrival of a child is good news. Joy, hopeful excitement, future plans. But? What happens when the child who arrives is not what we thought? What happens when it is not the perfect and healthy baby we expected? What happens if the baby is sick, not ‘normal’?