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ANATOMÍA DE UN DANDY (Anatomy of a Dandy), by Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega (Spain)

A portrait of one of the most important journalists and writers in the Spanish language: Francisco Umbral. Following an exhaustive research, documents such as cassette tapes with intimate and unpublished interviews have been accessed for the first time and shed new light on the character. Additionally, the film features valuable testimonies from the writer’s widow, friends, and fellow professionals, illuminating some of the least known aspects of his life. Umbral used to say that he could only write memoirs. However, behind the character created by himself there was a life full of enigmas that remained unexplained after his death in 2007. The more than 10,000 articles and almost 200 novels he wrote always pivoted on his own personal experiences and did nothing but fuel the myth and the mystery of his dandy figure.


CONSTRUYENDO LA LUZ (Shaping the Light), by Eliseo de Pablos (Spain)

Carlos Muñoz de Pablos, the recipient of the 2006 Castile and Leon Award for Heritage Restoration and Conservation, is one of the world’s great experts in the restoration and manufacture of stained glass windows. At his ‘Vetraria Muñoz de Pablos’ workshop in Segovia, where he works with his sons, Pablo and Alfonso, many of the most important stained glass restoration and manufacturing works in Spain and around the world are carried out. The film delves into the preparation of pigments, silver yellows, grisailles, etc., and the development of ancestral techniques for the manufacturing of historical and modern stained glass. It offers for the first time images of processes and techniques never before filmed, and in some cases zealously kept secret since the 12th century. A journey into the mysterious and fascinating world of stained glass.


LEÓN FELIPE. EL POETA PEREGRINO (León Felipe. The Pilgrim Poet), by Agustín Remesal (Spain)

Through a surprising itinerary of images (historical archives) and sounds (recited and sung autobiographical poetry, and testimonies of witnesses and experts), the film covers the life and work of the Zamora-born poet León Felipe (Tábara, 1884- Ciudad de México, 1968), who privately lived his life as a mystical prophet and an anarchist. He was also one of the great champions of the Republican exile in Mexico, which this year celebrates his arrival there eight decades ago. Felipe de la Rosa Galicia y Camino (that was his real name) spent his childhood and adolescence in the town of Sequeros (Salamanca) and in Santander, following the professional steps of his father, who was a notary. The film reconstructs the years he spent in those places, as well as those he spent in Madrid studying Pharmacy and trying to become, rather unsuccessfully, a stage actor. His death in Mexico, around the same days when the army stormed the UNAM campus and cracked down on students in the Plaza de Chapultepec, elicited the tribute of those who cherished the principles of freedom and democracy, and he was given a state funeral at the Teatro de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.


UNBLOCK CUBA, by Sergio Gregori Marugán (Spain)

A faithful portrait of Cuba’s recent history and of the efforts of the American administration to gain influence in the caribbean politics. From the War of Independence and the triumph of the Cuban Revolution to nowadays with the presidency of Miguel Diaz-Canel and the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton by the Trump administration. The beginning and the consequences of the American blockade, the changes that are happening in the country and the bilaterall relations of the island with the USA.