International Jury


PETER BEALE –  President of the International Jury

He was born in 1943 in London. Credited as one of the great revitalizers of the British film industry, his career began in 1961. He began his career in the film industry as a third assistant director in such films as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (David Lean, 1962) or ‘Doctor Zhivago’ (David Lean, 1965). In 1970 he turned to film production with ‘The Adventures of Gerard’ (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1970), and between 1973 and 1978 he held the position of Managing Director at Twentieth Century Fox Productions UK in London. During this period he was instrumental in getting made in the UK films such as ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ (Jim Sharman, 1975), ‘The Omen’ (John Moore, 1976), ‘Star Wars’ (George Lucas, 1977), ‘Alien, the Eighth Passenger’ (Ridley Scott , 1979) and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (Irvin Kershner, 1980).

Following his stint at 20th Century Fox, he became the Managing Director of EMI, where he oversaw the production of films like ‘The Elephant Man’ (David Lynch, 1980) and ‘The Jazz Singer’ (Richard Fleischer, 1980). After moving to California in 1982, he was appointed President of Showscan, a revolutionary high-speed film process, first used in World Fairs and theme park ride simulators. He then became the President of Illusion Inc.

In the mid-eighties, he co-founded BAFTA/LA and was the first Chairperson of the institution, extending the international reach and influence of British film-making excellence. The UK government declared it the most important British cultural institution outside the UK. He has just shot the short film, ‘Campos Secretos’ and is working on the development of Green Screen, an environmentalist film festival in Carboneras (Almería) scheduled for September 2021.



Goya Award for Best Screenplay for ‘Take My Eyes’ in 2004, which she wrote together with Icíar Bollaín and for which she received the award for Best European Screenplay in the same year. She began her career as a screenwriter with ‘Pídele cuentas al rey’ (José Antonio Quirós, 1999), a film that won the Audience Award at the 44th edition of Seminci. She would then go on to write the script for titles such as ‘Without You’ (Raimon Masllorens, 2006), ‘La vida empieza hoy’ (Laura Mañá, 2010; Critics’ Award at the Málaga Festival) or the TVmovie ‘22 ángeles’ (Miguel Bardem, 2016 ). Also in 2016 she released ‘Rosa’s Wedding’, co-written with Iciar Bollaín and Special Jury Prize at the Málaga Festival. She has also written the script for ‘La cerda’, currently in pre-production stage (Pecado Films). In the field of TV fiction, she prepares sales bibles and reports for TandemFilms and GloboMedia.

She has written the books ‘Nunca mientas a un idiota’ (“Never Lie to an Idiot”, 2012) and ‘Matad al guionista… y acabaréis con el cine’ (“Kill the screenwriter … and you will kill cinema”(2000). She began working for the stage with the cabaret show ‘For Sale’ (Teatros Luchana), which was followed by the play ‘Mentes desordenadas’ (La Casa Encendida). She directs, together with Carolina Román, the acting and drama workshop ‘Desenterrados’, at the Teatro del Barrio. As a film director, she debuted with the documentary ‘La cabeza de José’ (2016), about the dramaturgical research conducted by José Sanchis Sinisterra, and with Mabel Lozano she has written the scripts for the documentaries ‘New Girls 24 Hours’ (2015) and ‘El Proxeneta – Paso corto, mala leche’ (2018). She has also participated in the script of the collective documentary ‘Yo decido. El tren de la libertad’ (2014).



He was born in Córdoba in 1954. He graduated as an industrial engineer at the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Seville, before founding the film and theater production company Maestranza Films in 1991, with which he has produced a large number of titles that garnered great critical and public success.

He is characterized by his commitment to new talents like Benito Zambrano, Mateo Gil or F. Javier Gutiérrez. His 40 films have garnered more than fifty nominations and add up to twenty Goya Awards, in addition to other awards such as the Jury’s Special Prize at Seminci for ‘Return to Hansala’ (Chus Gutiérrez, 2008), which also harvested the Best Film, Audience and Critics awards in Cairo.

In 2013 he was recipient of the Honorary Award of the 10th Seville European Film Festival, and has participated in the board of directors of the Spanish and European Film academies for 14 years. He is also a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary and in 2017 he was distinguished with the EGEDA Gold Medal for the Best Producer.

A large part of his films have participated in the official section of the main festivals around the world: Cannes, Venice, Berlin (Audience Award), Toronto or San Sebastián, where he won the Golden Shell. His many productions include titles like ‘Wishlist’ (Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo, 2020), ‘Domino’ (Brian De Palma, 2019), ‘Cages’ (Nicolás Pacheco, 2018), ‘Rosario Tijeras’ (Emilio Maillé, 2005), ‘Fugitives’ (Miguel Hermoso, 2000), ‘No One Knows Anybody’ (Mateo Gil, 1999) or the first three films by Benito Zambrano: ‘Solas’ (1999), ‘Havana Blues’ (2005) and ‘The Sleeeping Voice’ (2011). He has also participated in other films that achieved great public success such as ‘Lord, Give me Patience’ and ‘El Niño’.



French producer and distributor who graduated from the Center for Applied Literary and Scientific Studies (CELSA) of the Sorbonne University, in Paris, and earned a master’s degree in Anglo-American Literature from the Institut Charles-V of the Paris-Diderot University.

In 1981 he was appointed delegate for Unifrance Films in Mexico, and a year later he became delegate general for Latin America, which involved directing the institution’s headquarters in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

In 1984 he created Paradis Films together with Éric Heumann and Jean Labadie, and in 1986 the three started the distribution company BAC Films. With this platform, he produced or co-produced around forty films by such prestigious directors as Marco Bellocchio (‘Devil in the Flesh’, 1986), Théo Angélopoulos (‘Landscape in the Mist’, 1988), Cédric Klapisch (‘Pot Luck’, 2002), Margarethe Von Trotta (‘Searching for Ingmar Bergman’, 2018), Bigas Luna (‘The Chambermaid on the Titanic’ and ‘Volavérunt’), Arturo Ripstein (‘ The Virgin of Lust ‘, 2002), Michel Ocelot (‘Azur y Asmar’, Seminci’s inaugural film in 2006), Carlos Saura (‘Argentina’, 2015) and, more recently, Rodrigo Sorogoyen (‘The Realm’, 2018).

In 1992, together with Mate Cantero, he created the production company Mate Production, and in 2005 he also founded Zahorimedia3 in Madrid with Toshihiko Fukuda and the Japanese group Oricon.

Since 2012 he has directed Mondex & Cie with his partner Guy Amon. Over the last decades, he has produced and distributed feature films and documentaries around the world, and has extensive experience in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.



She was born in Madrid in 1964. A self-taught actress, at the age of 14 she was selected in an acting audition to star in the film adaptation of ‘Memoirs of Leticia Valle’, by Valladolid-born writer Rosa Chacel. At the age of 18, she made her stage debut with Antonio Gala’s ‘The Birds’ Cemetery,’ and in 1989 she played her first leading screen role in Juan Miñón’s ‘The White Dove’, which premiered at the 34th Valladolid Festival.

She is the recipient of six Goya nominations and three awards: two for Best Leading Actress in ‘The Dog in the Manger’ (Pilar Miró, 1996) and ‘Julieta’ (Pedro Almodóvar, 2016) and another for Best Supporting Actress in ‘The Next Skin’ (Isa Campo and Isaki Lacuesta, 2016). She has worked with directors such as Mario Camus, Imanol Uribe, Julio Medem, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Jaime Chávarri, Isabel Coixet, Miguel del Arco, Koldo Serra, Félix Viscarret or Mexico’s Michel Franco, among many others.

On the stage she has taken part in over ten productions, including ‘Going Down to Morocco’ (1985), ‘La Chunga’ (1987), ‘The Maids’ (2002), ‘Electra’ (2006), ‘Uncle Vanya’ (2008) and ‘A Dangerous Game’ (2011), always working under top Spanish stage directors. On the small screen, she has appeared in series like ‘Cazadores’, ‘El pantano’, ‘Querido maestro’ or ‘The Zone’.

Among her multiple awards, she has received an Ondas Award and two Silver Fotogramas, an Actors Union Award, the Film Writers Association Award, two José María Forqué awards, the Silver Biznaga at the Málaga Film Festival for Best Actress , three Sant Jordi Awards, the Teatro de Rojas Award or the Margenes Special Award, in addition to the award for Best Actress at the 55th edition of Seminci for ‘The Mosquito Net’ (Agustí Vila, 2010), and our festival’s Honorary Spike, which she received in 2017.