Centennial Fellini

65 Seminci Proyecciones especiales Fellini

FELLINI DEGLI SPIRITI (Fellini de los espíritus / Fellini of the Spirits), by Anselma Dell’Olio (Italy / Belgium)

Profoundly in love with life, Fellini lived his own while constantly searching for its meaning. To mark the centennial of his birth (20th January 1920), this documentary investigates in depth his passion for what he de ned as ‘mystery’, the esoteric, the unseen world in his relentless pursuit of other possibilities, other dimensions, other journeys; and of everything that can make the spirit and the mind y. These concerns, which pervade his filmography, were the object of his personal investigation. He started to study them with the help of the great Jungian psychoanalyst Ernst Bernhard, who not only revealed to him the secrets of the Unconscious, but also showed him a new vision of the world through the reading of the Tarot and the consultation of the I Ching. However, it was his encounter with Gustavo Rol and his experiments, which, where influential in Fellini’s ‘Juliet of the Spirits’, that revealed to the lm master the existence of other dimensions of reality and inspired his view of human life as an endless journey. The documentary is peopled by numerous voices that shed light on Fellini’s magical world, including those of the tarot reader whom Fellini always consulted, filmmakers Terry Gilliam, Damien Chazelle or Oscar-winner William Friedkin, and Gustavo Rol’s collaborators and friends like Giuditta Miscioscia.