DOC. España Jury


Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1981, she studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Salamanca and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Film Editing at the Septima Ars School in Madrid. After a few years dedicated to audiovisual editing for several film and TV production firms, in 2008 she began to work with the technical crews responsible for film screenings at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival and at a number of international festivals including San Sebastián, Seville, Gijón and Brussels. She is currently a programmer and member of the selection committee of the Las Palmas International Film Festival and continues to work for other festivals as a specialist in digital cinema.


She studied Journalism at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. After earning a degree in Executive Production from the University of Medellín (Colombia), in 2013 she received a MEDIA scholarship in order to take part in the production workshop run by EAVE Puentes. Together with four partners, she founded Tourmalet Films in 2011. She has produced and coproduced several feature-length films including: Stockholm, Paradiso, The Calm Tempest, The Inflated Jungle and Oscuro y Lucientes, in co-production with RTVE and France Télévisions. Her projects have been selected for participation in prestigious film events like Visions du Réel, the Warsaw Film Festival, Seville’s European Film Festival, Seminci or the Goya Awards.


He was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1971. He is a war correspondent, writer and documentary filmmaker who has worked in more than 50 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. His documentaries include Slum World (2009), The War Against Women, I want to be Messi (2013), Born in Gaza (2014), Matadoras (2015), 10 años con Bebe (2016) and Born in Syria (2017). His directorial work has earned him numerous awards, including a Platino Award, two Forqué awards, two Iris awards, the Aljazeera Festival Jury Prize, and two nominations for the Goya awards and the Latin Grammy Awards. He was also nominated for the Rory Peck Award. In 2018 he won the first prize in the DOC. España section of the 63rd edition of Seminci with Dying to Tell.