Iñaki Arteta returns to “Sin libertad” in his latest documentary

This Wednesday, 26th October, Iñaki Arteta‘s “Sin libertad. 20 years later”, by Iñaki Arteta, was presented. The film is presented in competition at the 67th edition of Seminci in the Tiempo de Historia section. The presentation was attended by the director and María Guix, one of the participants in the documentary.

The film revisits the documentary “Sin libertad“, which was filmed in 2001. In it, a series of relatives of Basque victims murdered by ETA or persecuted by the group gave their testimonies. Twenty years later, how have these same people assimilated this period of so many changes, including the cessation of terrorist violence and the incorporation of the ultra-nationalist network into politics? Five young journalism students in their twenties are selected to interview several of these witnesses.

As Iñaki Arteta has said, “it is a very different film to all the others”. “Now I am more interested in the world of young people”, is how the director himself defined the film. “It is simple but profound, let’s say that in simplicity you can find a certain depth at certain levels”.

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