The 67th Seminci hosts the screening of Suro, the debut feature film by Mikel Gurrea

On Wednesday 26 October, in the Spanish Cinema section, Suro was screened at the Broadway cinemas. This film is Mikel Gurrea‘s debut feature film and is a candidate for the Espiga Verde (Green Spike).

Suro attempts to show the story of Helena and Iván who set out to build a new life in the cork oak forests, but their different views on how to live on the land emerge, challenging their future as a couple.

“The filming took a total of 24 days and was shot entirely in the same region,” explained Mikel Gurrea, “the whole film was shot in natural locations with decorations where necessary”.

“I am especially excited to present my debut film here because my father studied in this city and we have been here many times,” confessed the director to the audience before the screening began.

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