Víctor Díez: “We said, as long as we’re going to do it, let’s do it right”

The Sección Cine de Castilla y León has screened this Wednesday 26th October the feature film by Ismael Aveleira, Víctor M. Díez, and Rodrigo Martínez, La voz y el martillo, at the Semana Internacional del Cine de Valladolid (Valladolid International Film Week). This audiovisual piece has illuminated the big screen tonight at the Sala Fundos of the city of Valladolid.

The presentation of this film had the pleasure of having the three directors Ismael Aveleira, Víctor M. Díez and Rodrigo Martínez. Ignacio Martínez, president of the Jesús Pereda Association, was with them.

The president of the association wanted to dedicate a few brief words before the beginning of the feature film. “Before the pandemic changed our lives, we thought about making a stage production that would bring together poetry, literary texts and music”, he explains. “The original production is a stage production, with which we have travelled to cities such as Soria, Burgos, Aranda, León and Ponferrada”, adds Ignacio Martínez.

La voz y el martillo is a full-length audiovisual film made by Ismael Aveleira, directed and scripted by its performers: Víctor M. Díez and Rodrigo Martínez, members of the duo Caja Baja. It is a version adapted for the screen, based on the stage play of the same name, which reflects on the world of work from an ethical and aesthetic perspective, with its values, sorrows and controversies. A compendium of texts, music and testimonies under an anthropoetic and musical gaze.

“We’ve been told all our lives that we’ve never worked, it may not be true but that’s how it seems, but it’s the vision people have of those of us who work in culture”, says Víctor Díez, who was very grateful to see familiar faces in the hall. “Culture has many traps, among them enthusiasm. This is implicit in the discourse of the film”, concludes one of the film’s directors.

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