The life of Ramón Margareto stars in the documentary Confesiones de un artista (Confessions of an artist)

The documentary Confesiones de un artista, by Alejandro Iodice, Ángela Aguilar and Ramón Margareto, was presented this Thursday, 27 October. The film is part of the 67th edition of the Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid in the non-competitive section Castilla y León en largo.

The three directors were present at the presentation of this documentary in which Ramón Margareto takes stock of his intense life, both professionally and personally. The film includes images and testimonies from yesterday and today of his life, as well as statements from renowned professionals close to him, such as the composer Luis Ivars, the art critics Ana Martín Maldonado and Ricardo Choy, the actor and playwright Doriam Sojo, the director of the Alicante Film Festival Vicente Seva, the psychologist Nora Fernández, the philosopher Antonio Chazarra and the historian Francisco Cánovas.

As Ramón Margareto said, “this film takes stock of my life, both professionally and personally”. “The initial idea was to make a short film about his life”, acknowledged Alejandro Iodice, “but it was extended and this was born”.

Ángela Aguilar also commented that the main idea was that it would be shorter than it actually was, but “there was a desire to tell the story and make it visible so that people could identify with it and relieve that pressure”.

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