Vicky Calavia revisits in ‘Elvira de Hidalgo. Donare la Divinitá’ the figure of the Teruel soprano

The documentary Elvira de Hidalgo. Donare la Divinitá was presented earlier today (Friday, October 29, 2021), in the Doc. ESPAÑA section of the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival (Seminci). It happened in the course of an event attended by the director of the film, Vicky Calavia.

Elvira de Hidalgo. Donare la Divinitá tells about the life and career of this Teruel-born soprano who died in Milan in 1980 and was, in addition to an internationally-known operatic voice, María Callas‘s teacher and Pygmalion.

During the film’s presentation, Vicky Calavia said that her focus as a story-teller lies in “looking for interesting personalities and digging a little into their past” so as to find the person behind the character. In addition, the filmmaker said that she wanted to share with the audience a portrait of Elvira de Hidalgo, whom she described as a “fascinating person who was infused with great energy and a tremendous vocation that eventually made her earn as much or even more than the top-of-the top tenors like Caruso”.

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