Tomasz Wysokiński denounces the abduction of children in South Africa in ‘Walk with Angels’

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Walk with Angels, a documentary competing in the Time of History section at the 66th edition of Seminci, was presented this Wednesday, October 27, 2021, with its director Tomasz Wysokiński, and producer, Piotr Kobus, present in the hall at Broadway Cinemas.

The story of the Polish filmmaker’s work begins with a two-year trip to Asia, that changed his life. Since then, he has visited more than fifty Third World countries and has set foot in inaccessible places whose existence hardly anyone knows about, hence his inspiration when it comes to creating feature-length documentaries.

“I am grateful that tonight we can go on a journey together to an unknown place in Africa,” Wysokiński told the audience. Walk with Angels takes the viewer to a remote part of South Africa, where the disappearance of children is a common scenario.

There, the protagonist of the documentary, Jerry, carries out a very specific mission: he searches without any help for the kidnapped children. The director wanted to inform the audience that this same person “has recently been shot while doing the same activities as in the film,” with no news of his condition.

“I think it’s great that someone has noticed this film and that it has been invited to this festival,” added the Polish filmmaker gratefully just before the screening began.

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