The 66th Seminci is screening ‘De Quijotes y Semillas [About Quixotes and Seeds]’, a documentary that denounces the “abandonment of empty areas in Spain”

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The FUNDOS Hall in Fuente Dorada hosted the presentation of the full-length film De Quijotes y Semillas [About Quixotes and Seeds] on Thursday 28th October 20th 2021. Programmed in the Climate Change section, the session was attended by the two directors, Patxi Uriz and Jordi Matas, and the protagonists of the film, Santi Cordón and Alberto Marín. The documentary is competing, along with eight other projects, for the Green Spike at the 66th edition of Seminci, an award that offers recognition to environmental values.

De Quijotes y Semillas is “a 22-day journey from Tudela to Malaga in search of the recipes of endangered villages,” as described by the filmmaker Patxi Uriz. Filmed as a road movie and riding a bicycle, the protagonists of this gastronomic experience make a journey of 900 kilometres to awaken interest in the most traditional national products.

Alberto Marin, a permaculturist and the film’s main actor, wanted to end the presentation with a few words of motivation to the audience about the struggle in the disappearance of life and customs in the villages. “There is a message in the film, which is the abandonment of empty areas of Spain; we must try to make a better world together,” he concluded.

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