Spanish Cinema offers the six short films scheduled in the section, two of them pre-candidates to the Goya Awards

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This Saturday 24th October 2021, Spanish Cinema has offered the six short films selected in the section for the 66th edition of the Seminci Festival. On differing topics, the directors of the films come from all over the country and their projects, screened out of competition, represent the most significant national productions of the last year. Among the short films screened, several are shortlisted for the Goya 2022 Awards: A comuñón da niña prima Andrea and Farrucas.

The directors presented their works before the Festival audience. Thus, Brandán Cerviño, whose short film A comuñón da niña prima Andrea [The Communion of Cousin Andrea] is one of the shortlisted films for the 36th edition of the Goya Awards, spoke with humour about the origin of his film: “My grandmother wanted me to take some pictures and it got out of hand.”

Contigo [With You] by Manuel H. Martín is, in the words of its director, “the love story of a couple who have been together for more than 50 years.” Starring Luisa Gavasa and Juan Carlos Sánchez, Martín highlights the opportunity to have worked with Gavasa: “Just the fact that Luisa is there is an honour.”

Farrucas, by Ian de la Rosa, is the second short film in the programme that is also among the 35 short films shortlisted by the Film Academy to compete for the Goya Awards. De la Rosa defines it as a reflection of the current Spanish-Moroccan generations. “It talks about their fears, desires and yearnings.”

Versiones [Versions], by Claudia Torres, recreates the story of her own family with archive material. On what lies behind the homemade tapes with which she has produced the short film, Torres elaborates: “I realise that I have been told a story that I grew up with, which has nothing to do with what I see on these tapes.”

Lanbroa was presented by two of its three co-directors, Ana Serna and Mailen Oleaga: “It focuses on Bego who, thanks to this process of repairing watches, seeks support to overcome the disease.”

The programme was completed with Elías León Siminiani’s El Síndrome de Los Quietos.

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