Simone G. Saibene describes the creative process of writer Juan Tallón in ‘Escribir lo imposible’ [‘Writing the Impossible’]

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The documentary Escribir lo Imposible [Writing the Impossible], premiering this Saturday 23rd  October 2021 in the DOC.Spain section at the 66th edition of Seminci, tells the story of the creative process of writer Juan Tallón of his book Rewind, and how new reality takes fiction over. Director Simone G. Saibane is an Italian national currently living in Ourense (Spain), where he has set up the production company Noveolas.

In 2020, shortly before confinement, journalist and writer Juan Tallón, the protagonist of the documentary, published Rewind, a book set in France that shows the fragility of life, its unexpected blows and what we lose forever.

In his meeting with the Seminci audience, Saibene admitted that “at the beginning, this film was centred on Juan’s novel but in the end this unexpected event happened, and the book also talks about that, about the unexpected blows that change everything and the capacity of human beings to pull themselves back together from their own pieces. The book is a metaphor for what we’ve been through in recent years.”

The director recalled that Ermanno Olmi, film director and screenwriter, said at the end of his career that all the books in the world are not worth the same as a cup of coffee with a friend. Saibene, referring to the friendship between himself and the protagonist, added that “after so many years and such a long process of so many hours, which is the beauty of this profession, I have gained a companion, with whom I may not share coffee, but I do share a glass of Ribera del Duero. A partner with whom to share the miseries and also the beautiful things like tonight’s screening.”

Escribir lo Imposible will be screened again at Broadway Cinemas on Tuesday 26th October at 16.15h.

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