Seminci presents Tus 66 miradas, by León-based artist Jorge Barrientos as the official image

19/05/2021.- The proposal by Leon-born designer Jorge Barrientos titled Tus 66 miradas (“Your 66 glances”) has been singled out as the official poster of the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI), which will take place  between 23 and 30 October, 2021.

Convened by the Municipal Foundation for Culture of the Valladolid City Council and SEMINCI, the jury of the thirteenth poster competition has selected as its official image for the upcoming edition a  design by Jorge Barrientos, who was also the author of the official poster of the 63rd edition of the Valladolid Festival, held in   2018, and of the winning submission for the Meeting Point section  in last year’s 65th edition.

The graphic artist’s  idea has been to boil down his design to the most minimalist and direct message possible. One glance: a viewer’s face. To this purpose, the author played with number “66”, which is the ordinal of this year’s edition, so as to present it figuratively as a pair of  quotation marks which,  in addition to appearing  as a number in the main text, are also projected in the foreground as two eyes:  the joyful gaze of the viewer in the screening room.

The posters for Meeting Point and Time of History

The jury of the thirteenth poster competition likewise chose the submission called La peca (“The freckle”) as the poster for the Festival’s Meeting Point section.  This is a creation by Barcelona’s graphic design studio La Cuina Gràfica, formed by Sandra Ameller and Inga Teixidor:  a professional tandem with an experience of over  20 years which  specializes in branding, editorial design, web design, packaging, advertising campaigns, events and signage.

The poster’s underlying concept consists in showing Marilyn Monroe’s freckle, a universal film icon,   as a symbol for the Festival’s parallel section. Its design is simple and direct, with a neutral typographic composition that aims to highlight the meeting point which occupies the poster’s central space as well as the red lips that are such  an ingrained icon in the Festival’s visual imagination.

The poster for SEMINCI’s documentary section  Time of History is a creation by  Rafa Guillén titled Infancias (“Childhoods”). The author studied Graphic Design at the Alicante School of Art and Design. He has worked in the graphic department of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo and various advertising agencies, such as I am I can, Grupo IMCO, JLC Creativos or Small, in addition to receiving different awards in poster competitions in Alicante.

The image of his proposal is based on the concept of nostalgia (longing for  the past). To materialize this concept, the artist designed a letter T for Time of History by  using an everyday object from our childhood: the clockwork key  that set many old toys in motion.

The poster competition jury was chaired by Ana Redondo García, the local councillor for Culture and Tourism, who also presides over the Municipal Foundation for Culture. The other jurors were Carmelo Irigoyen, Manager of the latter foundation; the Valladolid Festival director  Javier Angulo Barturen; graphic designer Miryam Anllo; Vanessa García Rivas, head of Marketing and Communication at the Escuela Superior de Diseño (ESI); Sara Pérez Barreiro, PhD architect and a member of the University of Valladolid’s permanent research group on  Architecture and Film; Angélica Tanarro Martín, cultural journalist and writer; and Daniel Villalobos Alonso, PhD architect and principal researcher  of the University of Valladolid’s permanent research group on  Architecture and Film.

The winners of the competition  will receive cash awards  respectively worth  €3,000 for the author of the 66th edition’s official image and €600  for the authors of  the posters representing the  Meeting Point and Time of History sections.

The number of entries submitted for competition in  the contest’s 13th call amounts to a total of  1070 —612 for the official image, 201 for Time of History and 257  for Meeting Point.

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