Pedro Speroni presents his prison documentary ‘Rancho’ [Ranch] in the Time of History Section

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The documentary Rancho [Ranch], by Pedro Speroni, participated today Thursday 28th October 2021 in the Time of History section at the 66th edition of Seminci with the presence of its director. The feature film tells how a boxer who is looking for freedom receives advice from the leader of a maximum-security prison in Argentina, accompanied by a group of young people who aspire to be millionaires and a man who has been imprisoned for murder.

“Before shooting the film, I spent a year and a half living there, with them, sleeping in prison and creating a bond of great trust,” explained Speroni during his speech at the presentation of the film, in which he also commented on how the month and a half of shooting had gone, and how he got into the prison with a good friend.

In the same session, the documentary short film Lo Que no se Ve ni se Oye [What’s Neither Seen nor Heard] was screened, with the attendance of its producer, Viviana de Rosa, who thanked the festival for its selection, and stated that production and distribution “is a very important part of the films and in Argentina, the spread and promotion do not have the support they should have.”

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