Pablo García Pérez de Lara’s ‘Camino Incierto’ [Uncertain Journey] makes its debut at the 66th Seminci in the DOC.Spain section

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The documentary Camino Incierto [Uncertain Journey] has premiered with its first screening this Wednesday, 28th October 2021 at 22:15h, at Broadway Cinemas as part of the DOC.Spain section. Directed by Pablo García Pérez de Lara, the feature film encompasses the love for cinema and the value of friendship. The event, which took place in the 10th hall at the cinema, was presented by the director of the film and also by the producer, Lluis Miñarro.

“I feel I’m in a very special place for me,” admitted the Catalonian filmmaker, since it was the festival where he presented his first feature film, Fuente Álamo, La Caricia del Tiempo [Fuente Álamo: The Caress of Time], at the 46th edition of Seminci (2001), specifically in the section Time of History. Coincidentally, the film he presented as his latest work to date “narrates the trajectory from 2001 to the present day.”

García Pérez de Lara described Camino Incierto as “a film of gratitude” and in which his “absolute passion for cinema” is reflected. “It talks about all those people you meet along the way who build you up,” said the director.

“My parents are coming to the second screening on Friday at 4:15pm”, the Catalonian filmmaker announced with a laugh. The session will also take place at Broadway Cinemas’ hall 10.

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