Mariano Llinás presents the 13-hour feature film La Flor [The Flower], a film that “can be experienced like a holiday season”

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With its almost 14 hours of running time -808 minutes-, La Flor [The Flower] will be the longest screening that Seminci has programmed in its history. The film, directed by Mariano Llinás, will be screened in three different sessions divided throughout the festival. The first part of the film was presented this Tuesday, 26th October 2021, at Broadway Cinemas, as part of the cycle “Relatos Salvajes, Historias Extraordinarias: Dos Décadas de Cine Argentino” (“Wild Tales, Extraordinary Stories: Two Decades of Argentine Cinema”).

The filmmaker thanked the spectators present in the hall, whom he greeted one by one personally: “You are the spectators that a director values the most, the ones he remembers.”

According to Mariano Llinás, the “greatest peculiarity of the film is that it lasts 14 hours” and that “it is distributed in three parts.” “It’s a film that can be experienced like a holiday season,” said the creator, referring to the fact that it is a film that can be seen at different times without losing track of the plot.

La Flor is a complex feature film made up of six independent and successive stories, the only connection they maintain is that “in all the episodes there are the same women but playing different roles,” according to Llinás. “I ask you to have a different relationship with this film than with any other film before it,” the director asked the viewers. The next two sessions will be screened at Broadway Cinemas on Wednesday 27th at 6:30pm and Thursday 28th October at 7:30pm, respectively.

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