‘LA QueenCiañera’ tells trans activist Bamby Salcedo’s story of overcoming challenges and celebrating life

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The Time of History section at the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival (Seminci) screened the full-length film LA Queenciañera by Pedro Peira on Wednesday 27th October 20th, 2021. The documentary is based on the life of Bamby Salcedo, a character who is, in the words of its director, “charismatic and humble, a person who has been able to turn misfortunes into opportunities.”

“I made a short film about Latina women in the United States in which I told the story of eight different women, one of them being Bamby Salcedo,” explained director Pedro Peira, who was present at the screening. He was so taken with the protagonist that he didn’t hesitate to propose her to make a documentary about her life. Bamby contacted him for the celebration of her 50th birthday and that’s how the documentary came about: “With the excuse of her party I tried to create an X-ray of Bamby Salcedo.”

La Queenciañera tells the story of Bamby Salcedo. A transgender immigrant, who is HIV positive and a victim of sexual assault. She has managed to overcome adversity and become one of the most popular trans activists in the United States.

Pedro Peira feels lucky to have been able to work with her: “Documentaries without a good protagonist aren’t as good, the message doesn’t get through as much.”

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