Judith Colell: “Even if we only move a small thread, the film will have been worth it”

The Spanish Cinema section of the Valladolid International Film Festival screened Judith Colell‘s 15 Horas [15 Hours] at Broadway Cinemas on Monday, October 25th. This co-production with the Dominican Republic focuses on the time the victim has to flee from her abuser. “You will find a story of high social class, with a situation that I hope will make you all reflect on the attitude we have when we find ourselves with a victim or potential victim nearby,” explained the director, who visited the 66th Seminci for the presentation of her film.

“15 Horas takes us into the shameful and lamentable social scourge of abuse,” is how the feature film was presented. Aura, a violinist, and Manuel, an orchestra conductor, are the perfect couple at first glance. Music brought them together, artists, famous and rich, but this idyllic relationship holds a dark secret: Manuel mistreats Aura. “It’s a tough film about abuse,” explained Colell.

It is a revolutionary film in the Dominican Republic, since nothing like it had ever been made there before, as its director said. “I am interested in and I like to make social cinema, films that denounce things,” she commented. For her it is very important to continue making films with this theme. Despite the fact that many have told her that this is a very common theme, for her it is necessary: “Every day there is a case of abuse, only talking about our country, let alone in the whole world.”

It’s not the first time Judith Colell had been to Seminci: “I love coming to Valladolid and I love Seminci, it’s a festival where I always have a great time, and it’s a wonderful city where I love to come,” she explained. Before finishing, she left a sentence for the spectators present to reflect on: “We are also part of the solution, and if we lend a hand to the victims, I think it can be of great help.”

15 Horas will be screened again on Friday 29th October at 4.15pm in Broadway Cinema, Hall 4.

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