Javier Marco takes the leap to feature films with ‘Josefina’ [‘Josephine’]

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The Spanish Cinema section at the 66th edition of Seminci screened this Saturday 23rd October 2021 the feature film directorial debut of Javier Marco, Josefina [Josephine]: “A film that shows us the isolation, vulnerability and loneliness of human beings.” This film, which deals with loneliness in prisons, will be screened for the second time at the Valladolid International Film Festival, following its positive reception at the San Sebastian Festival.

Its presentation, in a packed cinema, was attended by its director, screenwriter Belén Sánchez-Arévalo, producer Sergy Moreno and its stars Emma Suárez and Roberto Álamo. All of them were very grateful and surprised by the massive public turnout: “You don’t know how excited and happy I am to see a cinema practically packed,” said Suárez.

Josefina is a character film that portrays the meeting between a seamstress, who goes to visit her son in prison, and a lonely prison officer. The latter makes up a story that he is going to visit a made-up daughter, Josefina, in order to get closer to the seamstress. As stated in the presentation: “It’s a film that delves into silences to communicate not only by using words.”

“I hope something touches you and that you leave the cinema reflecting and thinking a little about human beings,” said Roberto Álamo, who affirmed that it is “a film made from emotions and the heart.” Josefina opens at all cinemas on 5th November and will be screened again at Broadway Cinemas this Wednesday 27th at 16:15h.

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