In La Virgen Roja [The Red Virgin] Marcos Nine investigates the murder of Hildegart Rodríguez by her mother

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Director Marcos Nine and producer Amalia Mato recall the murder of Hildegart Rodríguez at the hands of her mother in La Virgen Roja [The Red Virgin], a feature-length documentary that is taking part in the DOC.Spain section of the 66th edition of Seminci, and which, in the words of its producer, is about “two extraordinary women who did extraordinary things at an extraordinary historical moment.”

“It’s such an open film that it has so many interpretations that everyone can have their own,” explained Marcos Nine during his presentation to the festival audience. For the director, La Virgen Roja is a “film about confrontation” that deals with the story of Aurora Rodríguez and her daughter Hildegart. “It talks about all kinds of confrontation at a time when utopia and dreams were the place for these things,” said the director.

La Virgen Roja is what Amalia Mato described as a “homage to Frankenstein.” According to the producer, the documentary is based on a process of compiling “2,500 film archives, 600 hours of material and 423 films,” black and white archives recovered from different national and international film libraries.

The result is a feature-length film that, according to the director, “invites us to think about the rational and emotional struggle of the subordination of the working-class world to the powerful and economic world.” A cinematographic piece conceived by Nine to be watched on the big screen. “I’ve tried to bring you a film that provides an experience to be enjoyed in a cinema,” explains the filmmaker.

La Virgen Roja will be screened again at Seminci on Thursday 28th October 2021 at 16.15h at Broadway Cinemas.

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