García-Vázquez premieres ‘Buscando la Película (Verano de 2020)’ [Searching for the Film (Summer 2020)] at Seminci

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The 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival has hosted the premiere screening of Buscando la Película (Verano de 2020) [Searching for the Film (Summer 2020)], by Valladolid director Enrique García-Vázquez, a feature film that aims to offer a portrait of youth during the summer months after confinement.

The director brings to the big screen the perspective of several young people during the toughest months of Covid-19. “This is the result of a terrible pandemic and the result of something that in principle was negative,” explained the filmmaker. García-Vázquez’s feature film is based on the intention of making a film that was frustrated due to the spread of the virus, as a synonym of “broken dreams that people have not been able to fulfil.”

The feature film is beeing screened in the Castilla Leon in Long Film Section, which brings together films with a regional identity, according to the director, lacking the support of major production companies but comparable to others in terms of quality. “It is humbler cinema than what other production companies can make, but it is cinema,” the filmmaker defended.

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