El Ventre del Mar [The Belly of the Sea], the film that is “Villaronga in its purest form”, screened in the Spanish Cinema section

El Ventre del Mar [The Belly of the Sea], presented on Friday 29th October 2021, has participated in the Spanish Cinema section at the 66th edition of Seminci, with the presence of the film’s producer, Javier Pérez, and two actors from the film, Òskar Kapoya and Marc Bonnin.

“It’s Agustí Villaronga in its purest form,” declared Javier Pérez in reference to the director’s work. According to the film’s producer, the Catalonian filmmaker himself told him that “the sea is a mirror where we see ourselves,” a phrase that over time he began to understand.

Óskar Kapoya, the film’s star, confessed to the audience that it was his “first film” and that “it has been a hard process,” since the role played by the Spanish actor is a very demanding one. “It has been wonderful to work with Agustí and the whole team,” he continued.

El Ventre del Mar tells the story of the members of a French Navy frigate that runs aground off the coast of Senegal. Now shipwrecked, the crew members must show different attitudes in order to save their lives. Hunger, the inclemency of the sea, madness and a fierce struggle are unleashed in an ordeal that lasts days and days.

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