Eduardo Madina and Borja Sémper attend the screening of ‘Impuros’ [The Impure], the documentary on ETA terrorism

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Ten years have gone by since the end of the ETA terrorist group, and the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival has joined the anniversary with the screening of the feature-length documentary Impuros [The Impure]. The work, directed by Alberto Utrera from Madrid, had its premiere screening this Monday, 26th October 2021, at the Cervantes Theatre.

Impuros captures the personal experiences of two victims of ETA terrorism, Eduardo Madina and Borja Sémper, who became targets of the group when they joined politics. The documentary participates in the Time of History section, out of competition.

The presentation of the documentary was attended by its director, Alberto Utrera, and its two protagonists, Borja Sémper and Eduardo Madina. The screening was also attended by the president of the Castilla Leon Regional Government, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and Seminci Director, Javier Angulo.

Borja Sémper participated in the presentation of the documentary to explain, first hand, the struggle they lived through against totalitarianism and that “the naked truth of the facts is more than enough.”

“We didn’t want to create a political discourse, we wanted to share something universal,” explained Sémper, who was for many years a member of the PP political party, reaching leadership positions. “Be forewarned because those who seek purity never rest,” concluded Sémper before the screening.

La Gàbia [The Cage]

Along with the documentary, the short film La Gàbia [The Cage], by Adán Aliaga, was screened, a work dedicated to his father and which “is the first time it has been shown publicly,” as the filmmaker explained. “On Fridays I used to go to collect my 5,000-pesetas pay for screening short films and my rent was 3,000 pesetas,” Aliaga recalled in reference to how complicated it is to make a living as a professional in his sector.

Impuros will have a second screening, again out of competition, on Wednesday 26th, at 19.30h, at Broadway Cinemas, Room 9.

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