‘Canogar, las Formas del Arte [Canogar, the Forms of Art]’ portrays in DOC.Spain a portrait of the recent history of Spanish art through the eyes of a family

Canogar. Las Formas del Arte [Canogar, the Forms of Art]  was screened during the second last day of the 66th edition of Seminci, on 29th October 2021. Produced by Pandorga Comunicación, Cuadrilátero Films and RTVE, the feature film that is participating in the DOC.Spain section brings us closer to the story of Toledo painter Rafael Canogar and his two sons.

During the presentation of the documentary, Raúl Cadenas (director of photography), Julio Fernandes (producer), Alfredo Díaz (music and sound) and Yolanda Pérez (producer) were present.

Its director, Pepa G. Ramos, was unable to attend the screening and it was her producer, Yolanda Pérez, who addressed the audience: “The documentary we are going to watch is about the Canogar family, Rafael, Diego and Daniel. Rafael is an abstract painter, Daniel is an audio-visual artist and Diego is a sculptor. In a journey through their lives, we will see the progress of the avant-garde and art in Spain, from the mid-twentieth century to the present day.”

Canogar. Las Formas del Arte will be screened again on Saturday 30th at 4:15 pm at Broadway Cinemas.

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