Alejo Moreno narrates in ‘Hechos Probados’ [Proven Facts] the helplessness of the citizen against the power of State Administration

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The 66th edition of Seminci today Monday 25th October 2021 hosted the screening of Hechos Probados [Proven Facts], the most polemic and controversial bet, so far, by director, scriptwriter and producer from Seville Alejo Moreno. A feature film that is participating in the DOC.Spain section and with the intention, according to Moreno, of “warning us about the crisis of the law in Spain.”

The plot uses the case of Agapito García Sánchez, who became known in 2015 as the largest debtor of the Spanish Tax Office. The Spanish businessman was at the top of the “list of non-payers” published by the former Finance Minister, Cristóbal Montoro. Through a thorough analysis, it recreates the journey he lived for many years, a battle against the sanctioning mechanisms of the tax administration.

The work, according to its director, describes the defencelessness of the taxpayer against the almost absolute and uncontrollable power that some state bodies have. “I hope that the documentary illustrates the consequences it can have on citizens and its effects on the entire population,” said Moreno at the presentation of his work to the Seminci audience.

The documentary establishes a parallel in its narrative proposal and visual structure with the novel The Trial by writer Franz Kafka. García Sánchez, in the feature-length film, offers a modern version of the protagonist of the work, who represents a citizen facing the mechanisms of the State and its administration. Hechos Probados will be screened again on Wednesday 27th October at 16:15h at Broadway Cinemas.

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