A documentary on Berlanga seeks to bring the figure of the filmmaker closer to new generations

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The Spanish Cinema Day at the 66th edition of Seminci has concluded at the Zorrilla Theatre with the screening of the documentary Berlanga!! by Rafael Maluenda. Poet and writer Fernando del Val presented a brief evento prior to the screening of the feature film, with a large group of the people responsible for this work from in front of and behind the camera. Maluenda himself, producer Regina Enguidanos-Coronel, some participants such as Guillermo Montesinos, Elena Navarro or Silvia Marsó; executive producers such as Ana Arrieta or David Celma, editor Santiago Clariana and musician Luis Ivars were seen on stage moments before the beginning of the film.

“Films like these show that there can be life beyond biological conditions,” began Del Val. Enguidanos, on their behalf , wanted to thank all the people present, and several absent, for their involvement and complicity in the production of this work, premiered at the Valladolid Film Festival on the occasion of the centenary of the creator of La Vaquilla, Bienvenido Mr. Marshall and El Verdugo, among many other classic titles of Spanish cinema of the last century.

“It has been an honour and we hope that it will be a legacy for many people; there are people who, thanks to this film, will know who Berlanga is, and there will be spectators who, despite already knowing who he was, will learn more about him,” he added. Maluenda then briefly went into the clearest objectives of the film: to bring the life and work of the legendary director closer to those new generations of young film enthusiasts who have yet to discover his feature films: “There is a generation gap that still doesn’t know Berlanga, and we want this documentary to be an approach to that,” he summed up.

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