Polo Menárguez returns to Seminci to present ‘Spanish Shame’, a documentary about the Club Caníbal theater company

Polo Menárguez, director of the Spanish Shame, and Paula Palacios, producer of the documentary
  • The shooting of the documentary was filled with of  funny moments

10/26/2020.- The Broadway cinemas hosted this Monday the presentation of Spanish Shame, a documentary that focuses on the three plays that make up the trilogy ‘Iberian Chronicles’ produced by the Club Caníbal theater ensemble under the direction of Chiqui Carabante. “It has been a privilege to slip behind the scenes as well as a  wish fulfilled,  because I have been a friend of the company for years”, explained the film’s director, Polo Menárguez.

The shooting of the documentary was filled with of anecdotes and funny moments. “Without a doubt the best thing has been to get to observe this crew, regardless of the camera work”, recalled Polo Menárguez. ‘Spanish Shame’ interweaves fragments of the play itself, statements on camera and even some arguments involving Font García, Vito Sanz, and Juan Vinuesa, the documentary’s main actors.

The mayor of a small town in Spain decides to go to the European Parliament so that the tradition of the town’s patron saint celebration is respected: throwing a live goat 50ft from the church bell tower. Juan Alegría, a failed table tennis player, pretends to be disabled during the Paralympics  in  connivance with  Spain’s Table Tennis Federation. Ramón Areces, the founder of the department store group El Corte Inglés, prepares his funeral days before his death so as to ensure that  the legacy of his figure is properly portrayed. These three stories make up the trilogy ‘Iberian Chronicles’ by the famous Madrid theater group Club Caníbal. Spanish shame delves into the intimacy and friendship of the company days before the first time the three plays were performed together.

“Power is always afraid of satire and humor”, says Font García, an actor in the play, in the documentary’s teaser. This statement may well  summarize the message that the documentary aims to convey by means of irony and humor. “Comedy helps us dismiss fears: what you laugh at can’t scare you anymore. Laughing at yourself is the essence of Club Caníbal’s comedy work”, said the director.

Paula Palacios, the film’s producer, thanked  the director for his professionalism in each new project. “Producing Polo’s films is an honour; he is always launching creative ideas and addressing very diverse topics”, she shared with the audience attending the screening of the film at Valladolid’s Broadway cinemas.    

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