The short film ‘The End (of something)’ wins the first prize at the 5th Rueda con Rueda Festival

Frame from the winning short film The End (of something), by Alba Pino
  • ‘En el aire’ (‘Up in the Air’), shot at the Finca Montepedroso winery and directed by Javier Gómez Bello, won the award for best short film shot in the D. O. Rueda
  • The short film ‘Pies’ (‘Feet’), directed by Álvaro Meana and shot at the Copaboca winery, won the award for best short film by a film school student

10/30/2020.- Fin de (algo), directed by Alba Pino, tells the story of two sisters who are reunited after their grandmother dies. The film won the first prize, worth €5,000, at the 5th edition of the Rueda con Rueda Festival. The jury was captivated by the performances of both actresses, as well as by the film’s direction and photography. The jury also noted that the short film, which springs from an everyday situation, manages to get the viewer hooked from the very beginning.

The prize for best short film shot at D. O. Rueda wineries, worth €3,000, went to En el aire, directed by Javier Gómez Bello. The film, starring Alba Tardón and Alba Frechilla, was recorded at the Finca Montepedroso winery and tells the story of a journalist who finds herself in a tight spot during a live television broadcast.

Actress Lucía Madrigal received a mention for best actress for her performance in Lovedown and Julio Vargas won an award for best actor for his work in the short film La dolorosa, also remarkable because of its photography.

The winning short films can be seen on the ‘Rueda con Rueda’ YouTube channel.

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