Rivas considers ‘El tiempo robado’ as the beginning of the end of the pain for the loss of Tomás Salvador González

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Juan Carlos Rivas, director of El tiempo robado. Tomás Salvador González

10/25 /2020.- Teatro Cervantes hosted this Sunday the presentation of El tiempo robado. Tomás Salvador González, the first feature-length documentary by Juan Carlos Rivas, a film journalist from RTVE’s film review show Días de Cine. Rivas was accompanied by the documentary’s narrator, the actor Javier Gutiérrez. The film pays tribute to Tomás Salvador González, a poet and writer from Zamora.

Juan Carlos Rivas explained that the idea for the film was born out of his own emotional bond with the poet and from the pain caused by the loss of an exceptionally virtuous person who was rich in human values: “It is a tribute to an exceptional man, whose literary value is infinitely greater than the public recognition that he received during his lifetime”.

The film aims to bring the figure of Tomás Salvador,  his values (like friendship and generosity) and his  word to an audience that may be unfamiliar with this very important figure. “Tomás embodied all those values and it is right for us to remember them, because these values  are being lost these days,” said Rivas.

The director’s main goal in his behind-the-camera debut, which premiered today at Seminci, was to underline the special connection  that the poet had with the city. “I thought this premiere would be the ideal way and the perfect place to pay tribute to him, among other things, because he was a movie fan.” The fact that the documentary was finally selected to participate in the DOC. España section of Seminci has somehow eased the pain for his loss. “Getting here is the beginning of the end of that pain,” he added.

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