Marcos Macarro keeps alive the memory of his father, the poet Marcos Ana, in ‘Marcos y Vida’

Director Marcos Macarro Sender, who presents Marcos y Vida in the framework of DOC. España

10/28/2020.- The 65 Valladolid International Film Festival screened today, as part of its section  DOC. España, the film Marcos y Vida, directed by Marcos Macarro Sender. The documentary recalls the long time spent in prison by the poet Marcos Ana during Franco’s regime.

The director wanted to pay tribute to “the human side” of his parents’ lives, since that is the “way to keep their memory alive”, and he did by adopting their own gaze and the values of “humbleness, dignity and kindness” that inspired them.

While on a professional level making the film was not especially demanding, it was so from a personal point of view. In any case, the director  pointed out that “it is always a challenge to do a new job and  to be satisfied with what you do. “In addition, there were technical difficulties derived from the fact that he had to work with his mother, Vida Sender, an Alzheimer’s patient: “I didn’t want her to have a bad time”. Even so, he has successfully accomplished  the creative and artistic part of the film and is satisfied with the final result.

Marcos Macarro confessed to being “very proud and honoured”, as this is the first time that an international festival such as Seminci has selected the documentary. Finally, despite the current difficult situation, Macarro pointed out that “culture must be supported to continue nourishing our minds and hearts”.


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