Manuel Mechón presents ‘Words for an End of the World’, a documentary that challenges the official version of Unamuno’s death

Manuel Menchón, director

10/25/2020.- Words for an End of the World is the result of 10 years of research. Unpublished documentation and exclusive archival material are some of the ingredients of a documentary which opens on 13 November in cinemas throughout Spain. The shooting was scheduled for March, but it had to be postponed until September. “Ours has been the first film shot after lockdown,” told the media the documentary’s director Manuel Menchón.

José Sacristán, as Miguel de Unamuno, Antonio de la Torre, as the voice of General Emilio Mola, and Marian Álvarez, Víctor Clavijo and Andrés Gertrúdix complete the cast of the film directed by Manuel Menchón and produced by Mario Madueño,  which investigates the cause of Miguel de Unamuno’s death from an unprecedented perspective.

Words for an End of the World tries to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death of the writer at his home in Salamanca, which had become the center of the Press and Propaganda activity of the Francoist troops. Based on an exhaustive investigation, the documentary starts with  the well-known phrase that Unamuno dedicated to Millán-Astray: “you will win but you will not convince”.

“There are a series of documents and statements that will  see the light for the first time now,” explained Manuel Menchón. Thus, the documentary casts doubt on the official version of Unamuno’s death, questioning everything that had been accepted to date. Words for an  End of the World provides evidence that Miguel de Unamuno did not die in the way that has been consistently published throughout the last 84 years. The film wonders about the role played by the only witness to the writer’s death, the Falangist professor Bartolomé Aragón .

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