In ‘Rol & Rol’, Chus Gutiérrez shows gender inequality suffered by women

Chus Gutiérrez, director of ‘Rol & Rol’

26/10/2020.- This Monday, the Broadway cinemas in Valladolid hosted the premiere of Rol & Rol, a documentary by Chus Gutiérrez programmed in the Spanish Cinema section of the 65th Seminci and played by women leaders of today. Among its participants we can find Iciar Bollain, Cristina Aranda, Anna Serner, Chantal Ferrer and Alessia Sonaglioni, among others.

The idea arises as a result of “a personal feeling” to which she wants to give answers after analysing the way in which the film industry, the media and fiction portray women and society’s perception of them: “If the way in which the media and the film industry portray us changes, society’s perception of us will change,” says Chus Gutiérrez.

The main objective of Rol & Rol is to break up with the construction of female role models and how these contribute to our society’s way of thinking. “I believe in equality and that all human beings can and must do something to change our society,” says the director.

Gutiérrez calls out to young people: “I would love for them to see it, especially teenagers”, because the film is a clear example of the sensations that women are exposed to when starting their professional career. “When you start your professional career you realize that some things are not equal,” he says.

Finally, Chus Gutiérrez believes that, despite the current times of pandemic, we must think about what we want to change and do it: “We must take advantage of these moments where everything is very unstable to make new contributions.”

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