Ignacio Acconcia presents in DOC. España ‘El Niño de fuego’, a story of resilience

  • The director met Aleixo Paz seven years ago and decided to tell the story of his struggle to overcome adversity

10/30/2020.- Ignacio Acconcia’s El niño de fuego has screened in competition in the DOC.España section of the 65th edition of Seminci. Aleixo Paz, the protagonist of the documentary, is the survivor of a tragic accident that left him with severe burns on 91% of his body. Still, Aleixo struggles every day against the impertinent looks of  people  and the painful memory of the accident, trying to overcome his fear and anger through words.

Spurred by the question “what remains after defeating death when you no longer expect anything from life?, Acconcia tells a story of personal resilience and success. “I met Aleixo 7 years ago, we became friends and I decided to tell his story”, said the director minutes before the screening of El Niño del Fuego (The Fire Boy). “The documentary has a lot of musical content because, as you will see, Aleixo  writes and sings. Through music and writing, Aleixo conveys  his emotions and these are reflected in the film”, added the director.

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