Greta Schiller’s ‘The Land Of Azaba’ promotes environmental care

Carlos Sánchez and Lorenzo García, of Fundación
Naturaleza y Hombre, were in charge of presenting The Land Of Azaba at the 65th Seminci

29/10/2020.- The Land Of Azaba, a documentary directed by Greta Schiller, has been presented in the DOC. Spain section of the 65th Valladolid International Film Festival, and is also programmed in the Cinema & Climate Change section. It is the first film about man’s relationship with the environment based on the observation of our day-to-day experiences.

From the beginning, Schiller’s idea was to seek ecological restoration and nature conservation. Thus, with these clear ideas in mind, on a trip she made to Spain, she stumbled upon Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre: “We were lucky that she felt interested in us,  she visited us and she started shooting this film”, says Carlos Sánchez, president of the foundation, who shares her passion for improving the planet.

The project had the support of the European Union and other regional and national organisms in Spain for the protection of species such as the black vulture, the wild horse, the black stork, etc. “Humanity needs to protect and restore nature and fauna due to the great advance of the ecological footprint during the last decades”, noted Sánchez.

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