Seminci’s Spanish Cinema showcases an overview of Spanish auteur films with a selection of 12 feature-lengths and 4 shorts

65 Seminci frame ‘Las niñas’, by Pilar Palomero
‘Las niñas’, by Pilar Palomero
  • This section will bring together the latest works by authors such as Iciar Bollain, Cesc Gay, Chus Gutiérrez, Víctor García León, Paula Palacios, Achero Mañas and Ventura Durall, as well as the feature debuts of Pilar Palomero, Isabel Lamberti and David Ilundain.

6/10/2020.- The Spanish Cinema section, which every year brings together the Spanish-produced films released in the last twelve months, will include in the 64th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival a total of 16 titles —12 feature films and four shorts— directed by both consecrated filmmakers and new talents. Among the former, stand out Iciar Bollain, Víctor García León, Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo, Ventura Durall, Cesc Gay, Achero Mañas, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Chus Gutierrez and Paula Palacios, while, among the emerging directors, the section will screen the films by Pilar Palomero, Isabel Lamberti and David Ilundain.

Spanish Cinema is a non-competitive section that aims to show a broad overview of the most significant auteur films produced by Spain’s cinema sector during the last season, which will screen in Valladolid with English subtitles. This section is basically aimed at foreign journalists and professionals from the world of cinema accredited in our Festival, but it also invites Seminci audiences to discover some of the most  acclaimed recently produced Spanish movies.

Seminci’s segment  dedicated exclusively to Spanish cinema will program new films by well-established authors, such as Iciar Bollain (Rosa’s Wedding), Víctor García León (The Europeans), Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo (La lista de los deseos), Ventura Durall (The Offering), Cesc Gay (The People Upstairs), Achero Mañas (A Normal World) and Miguel Ángel Jiménez (Window to the Sea), in addition to the documentaries Drowning Letters, by Paula Palacios, and Rol & Rol, by Chus Gutiérrez. The section will also screen  the first films by Pilar Palomero (The Girls), Isabel Lamberti (Last Days of Spring) and David Ilundain (One for All).

Additionally, Spanish Cinema will schedule screenings of four short films: Arenal, by Rafa Alberola; Correspondence, by Carla Simón and Dominga Sotomayor; Pol.len, by Blanca Camell Galí; and Profecía, by Julieta Juncadella.

Some of these titles have previously been awarded at Spanish and international film festivals. The latest edition of the  Málaga Festival, for example,  awarded The Girls the Golden Biznaga and the Silver Biznaga for Best Cinematography, and Rosa’s Wedding garnered  the Special Jury Award and the award for Best Supporting Actress (Nathalie Poza) in the same festival. Málaga also rewarded Arenal with  the Silver Biznaga for Best Short Film. In turn,  Isabel Lamberti won the New Directors Award at the 68 San Sebastián Film Festival for Last Days of Spring.


Check here the list of feature films of Spanish Cinema.

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