Time of History premieres the autobiographical feature-length documentary ‘Silvia’ by María Silvia Esteve

Esteve sisters from ‘Silvia”

24/10/2019.- The documentary Silvia, competing in the Time of History section of the 64th edition of Seminci, was premiered at the Cervantes Theatre. The screening was attended by María Silvia Esteve, the feature-length documentary’s director, producer, protagonist, editor, and, in short, author, as well as her two sisters, María Alejandra and María Victoria Esteve, who also have leading roles in the story told in this documentary.

The autobiographical film tells the sad story of three Argentinian sisters who experienced violence and abuse growing up in a broken home. With the help of home videos and the guidance of these three sisters telling the story in a voice-over, often refuting each other, the film depicts and tells the story of their family and their mother Silvia shortly after she died.

In the post-screening discussion, in which she took part alongside her sisters, the director emphasized that “the film’s main concern is love.” However, she also said that with this film she wanted to “portray the lives of her mother, a strong, determined woman, and her sisters, who know what growing up in this hell was like.”

This feature film was the directorial debut of Silvia María Esteve, who has taken part in many film festivals and won prestigious awards. Despite appreciating that, the Argentinian director declared “that the most enriching part of this job has been interacting with the audience.”


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