The world of film distribution will address the education sector during the 64th Seminci

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Poster of the third edition of the meeting on film distribution

10/10/2019.- Coordinated by former director of the Valladolid Festival Fernando Lara, the third edition of the meeting on film distribution will seek the complicity of the education sector in order to reach out to audiences which do not generally have access to the less commercial cinematic productions. On 23 October distributors and professionals involved in the promotion of cinema in schools —teachers and cultural policy officials from institutions like Spain’s Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) or the country’s Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences— will take part in this event.

The Conference on  Independent Distribution held during  the 62nd Film Week started a debate around those film productions that get screened on the festival circuit but are not theatrically released.  Last year’s edition of the event, already under the slogan «Find distribution at Seminci», took a further step by engaging the participation of distributors who could in this way attend the festival screenings and propose a  distribution deal for films that have not yet secured one in Spain.

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