Seminci screens the seven films selected for Castilla y León Short Films

Presentation of Castilla y León Short Films

10/20/2019.- The 7 short films taking part in the Castilla y León Short Films section at the 64th edition of the festival were screened at the Zorrilla Theater today, Sunday, October 20. The directors of all the short films and some of the actors made a brief presentation in front of a large crowd before the screening.

The pieces presented this year included five fiction films, an animation film, and an electrodocumentary, as its director calls it. Umbral, by Jelena Dragas; Nameless, by Juan Carrascal; Muedra, by César Díaz Meléndez; Papá Cohiba, by Sara Rivero; Amandine, by Juan Carlos Mostaza; Nuestra Calle, by Clara Santaolaya; and Best Seller, by Max Lemcke.

During the presentation, the filmmakers expressed their gratitude to Seminci for the great opportunity of them taking part in the festival. Amandine’s director Juan Carlos Mostaza said that «the film is about having control, and it is structured so it deals mainly with uncertainty, which is the opposite of control».

«The three main goals of Nuestra Calle are telling a story about women, telling a story about sisterhood, and promoting the role of women behind the camera», explained its director Clara Santaolaya.

Finally, Best Seller, starring renowned actress Malena Alterio, is Max Lemcke’s first short film. The filmmaker, who usually directs feature films, mentioned his special relationship with Valladolid.

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