Premiere of ‘La moral del vampiro’, about a State concession of two motorway sections

José Ramón Rebollada Gil

25/10/2019.- Directed by Ávila-born journalist José José Ramón Rebollada, La moral del vampiro  opens at the Festival section dedicated to films from/about Castile and León.  The documentary addresses the now year-long debate  on the construction and operation of toll roads  AP-51 (Ávila-Villacastín) and AP-61 (Segovia-San Rafael).

The film relies on extensive documentation about this journalistic story as well as on the testimonies of important figures like  former Minister for Infrastructures Rafael Arias Salgado or ex-Director General for Roads and Motorways, Juan Francisco Lazcano, who provide details about the construction of both toll roads by the Iberpistas corporation.  “As soon as I started to gather information, it  realized the complexity of my research topic ,” said the film’s director.

The project has been promoted by Spanish trade union  Comisiones Obreras in  Ávila and by the environmentalist association Centaurea, which has for years denounced the whole operation.   “The initiative to make this documentary was not mine. It was the producers themselves who decided to make  it in order to tell this story, but at no time did they step in, ”says the director. The case was taken to the European Commission and subsequently to the European Court of Justice, which  ruled that the concession  was illegal. The Court’s ruling is scheduled to come into effect in  November.

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