Pablo Malo documents Pedro Olea’s career in ‘Olea…¡Más alto!’

Pablo Malo, director, with the filmmaker Pedro Olea

21/10/19.- The documentary Olea…¡Más alto! by Basque filmmaker Pablo Malo was screened within the DOC. Spain section, out of competition, this Monday, October 21. The film was presented by director Pablo Malo and filmmaker Pedro Olea.

The feature-length documentary Olea…¡Más alto! portrays the career and life of old-hand Basque director Pedro Olea. The film revisits his filmography through commentary by directors, producers, and actors who have worked with him throughout his long film career.

Olea talked about the good job Pablo Malo has done of portraying his career in this documentary: “I haven’t really taken it in yet. I like it and I think he has done a great job.”

The filmmaker has participated in Seminci several times, and the 64th Valladolid Film Festival honours the 50th anniversary of the shooting of his film The Ancines Woods (El bosque del lobo). The film won the San Gregorio Award at the Valladolid Religious Film Festival in 1970, which prevented Carrero Blanco from banning the film.

Olea recognised how important Valladolid has been for his career: “It was here that I took my pre-university course, and also where I won my first award. I have been a jury member in Seminci. Valladolid means everything to me. And that’s why I preferred for the film to premier here.”

This is Basque director Pablo Malo’s first documentary after several short films and feature films. Malo stressed what the film aims to do: “I wanted to spark people’s interest in Olea’s films, which I think are extraordinary. Some of them are worth a second viewing.”

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