New film titles in the sections History Time, Meeting Point, and Castile and Leon in Detail

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The festival programs documentaries Pavarotti and Watergate, by Oscar-winners Ron Howard and Charles Ferguson, respectively, and Colectiv, by Alexander Nanau, as well as Samen, by Spanish Carmen Cobos

10/03/2019.- The 64th International Film Week in Valladolid includes new titles to those already announced for its sections History Time, Meeting Point and Castile and Leon in Detail.

In the section dedicated to the documentary genre, the selection is expanded with four new titles, one of them, which competes, Colectiv, by Alexander Nanau, about the fire at a nightclub in Bucharest in 2015 that left 27 casualties and 180 injured and uncovered the corruption and frauds in the health system in Romania. The American productions by two Oscar-winning directors:  Ron Howard (A beautiful mind), directed by Pavarotti, about the more personal story of the opera genius, and Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) with Watergate, which tells for the first time the complete story about the scandal, will also be included. The other title included is directed by Spanish filmmaker Carmen Cobos, Samen, which shows the different ways of facing incurable diseases.

36 horas, by Néstor Mazzini

In Meeting Point, the Argentinian film 36 horas, will be included in the competition. It is Néstor Mazzini’s second film and it will be replacing in the section the also Argentinian film, Los miembros de la familia, in which the announced short film Acid Rain will also be withdrawn from the program.

Lastly, in Castile and Leon in Detail three new film titles will be programmed. One is Agapito Marazuela, la estatua partida, by Lidia Martín Merino, in which the filmmaker traces a poetic portrait of the great artist and compiler from Segovia using images, music and Agapito’s own voice, found on some cassette tapes. Another, Aún se bendicen los campos, by Vera Herrero Mercader, filmed during a year in several municipalities in Soria’s highlands, such as San Pedro Manrique, Armejún, Villarijo, Sarnago. The third film title is La moral del vampiro, by José Ramón Rebollada, which investigates the concession and use of motorway AP-6 and its ramifications AP-51 and AP-61.

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